Albums updated!

 Now you can take a listen to some good old
and even more brand new scenemusic.

But beware. I mastered all the oldschool tracks.
If you prefer listening to the original sound,
grab am from:
and turn on your AMIGA!

The page is finally online!

Now its time to fill it up with some nice content for you dear visitors.
First of all I upped my contribution to the Rebels Musicdisk "Rebellion".
You can find 3 mp3 tracks of mine in this album. But you really should
prefer to download the whole Musicdisk from here:

It features great music from Dalezy, Vincenco, Ne7, Chromag and me.
Graphics from H2O and code from Pasy

More and more albums will follow in the future.

My contact address updated:

The tracks from "Zine #12"
and "Zine Headlines" available
 under "best of PC Demoscene"

The best of PC Demoscene
Vol. 1 is online now.
Check it out! Vol.2 will follow soon.

Uploaded the tracks from
"Virgill Dreams"
Amiga Musicdisc (1995)
For real Metal lovers!

The page is online! Hurray!
Thanks for the insane ammount
of work, dear H2O!
Now itīs time to fill it up with
some nice content.

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